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The Rise of Virtual Reality Amid the Pandemic
COVID-19 ushered in a slew of new developments around the globe. From how we connect with one another to how we do our daily business. As a result, we're compelled to consider other options for doing things. And virtual reality is one of them. It's a bad time to leave the house while the virus is still circulating. Global events are placed on hold as a result of self-quarantine. The pandemic left the streets vacant and institutions barren, from festivals to museums. The loss of an audience is terrible in a restless public realm that relies on in-person engagement. There will be no more live performances in concert halls or galleries, nor will there be any more art fairs or galleries.

Read more: https://nerdsmagazine.com/the-top-7-most-played-strategy-games-in-games-lol/
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